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Welcome to Bish Enterprises Inc  -  The home of “BISH Built” Products

We have made changes to our website - please browse around.  If you don't find what you are looking for please give us a call.  Check back ofter as we are still expanding the site.  

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Bish Enterprises Inc. dba. Harv’s  Farm Supply has been providing innovative products for over 30 years, assisting farmers, like you, achieve your farm plan.  We are the manufacturer of “Bish” branded harvest accessories and the home of “Bish Built” custom corn heads, row crop heads and frame kits, as well as corn reels, bin extensions, drive kits and much more!

We offer the ORIGINAL “Bish Head Changer”,  custom built heads from 20” to 40” row spacings and are a Brent grain cart dealer.  No where else will you find a larger selection of corn heads or row crop heads in non-stock row configurations in one place.

1693 to NH CR
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